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Unique, exiting and a true sensation!!

DJ Kit-T and DJ Eno-C together are duo Double Dutch. These two professional and experienced female DJs always leave an unerasable impression. They stand behind the turntables together and play together as well as back to back. Both their spinning styles combined, offer the possibility to grant almost any musical wish.

What to Expect
Starting with deep and soulful house music, via tech house with catchy vocals ending in a mix of groovy Latin house and sexy house tunes. This positive and sexy sound is being reflected by their appearance in the booth. Of course, if desired, they play recognisable commercial music and allround as well. These ladies combine style and skills!

Music Genre
Dance, House
Commercial and Allround

Top 3 Specialties
Business Events, Club(night) and staff parties

Additional Options
Double Dutch can perform simultaneously in combination with other DJs and musicians. This way they can add more purport and originality to their performance.

Double Dutch uses a rider. In this document you will find everything needed to make the performance a success.


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