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Mavis was born in Amsterdam, but has a father from Ghana and a mother from Indonesia. She was named after Mavis Staples, an American RnB and gospel singer. Not only her name reminds us of the singer, also her voice is a memory to a beautiful time that Soul music gifted so many people with. During her childhood she already was inspired by The Jackson 5, Prince and Michael Jackson. Through the years she has managed to create a unique sound, appreciated by many grand artists. Versatile as a chameleon, energetic as a lion. Due to her broad repertoire and experience, many club and allround DJs (Roog, Erick E & Gregor Salto) love to work with her.

What to Expect
I love to put down a House set with our female DJs Kit-T, Eno-C and Seré but I also enjoy a set with 80s and Motown hitsongs. For acoustic ballads and jazzy sounds Mavis also is your perfect match. Mavis knows how to give a personal touch to every song and how to create an ambiance. She can give a sensitive touch or make the crowd go wild.

Music Genre
Dance & Club
House & Lounge
Commercial and Allround

Top 3 Specialties
Business Event, Club(night) and After Dinner shows

Additional Options
Mavis can perform simultaneously in combination with other DJs and musicians. This way she can add more purport and originality to her performance.

Mavis uses’ a rider. In this document you will find everything needed to make the performance a success.

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