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Nanda is a born entertainer and music has been instilled in her from the very beginning. As a professional dancer she gives a whirlwind of energy and her passion can be felt whenever she is on stage. During more performances with the ladies, as a dancer, she fell in love with the band and has since joined them as vocalist and MC.

Being on stage together and sharing each other’s greatest love is therefore her strength and with that she splashes off the stage. Besides her professional attitude on stage, Nanda is also a great person to work with; Nanda always brings positivity to the group!


What to Expect
Nanda is a lioness on stage and knows how to bring her audience along with her energy and interaction. Wherever Nanda is, there is a party with lots of positive energy. With her broad knowledge of music, she knows how to move like a chameleon in all kinds of genres and moods.

Music Genre
Commercial and all-round
Pop (top40)

Top 3 Specialties
Club(night), corporate events and staff parties

Additional Options
Nanda is a professional dancer, so there is a lot of movement on stage. Nanda is guaranteed to get the feet off the floor. Of course Nanda can also be booked together with DJ’s and other musicians where she as a singer/MC knows how to lift the energy to a new level. This way she can give more content and originality to the performance.

Nanda makes use of a rider. This document lists the things that are needed to make the performance run smoothly.

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