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About this Special


How to make a business/compay video that is both original, catchy and dynamic? 

By having our hosts Karen & Esther providing you with one! Together with you, they make a clear inventory of your wishes and the message that the video should convey. Not a standard interview, but a video with surprising elements that gives your customers a different look at your company.

A possible combination of profiling your company, product/service, the people behind your company, your building(s) and of course: the message that should stick!
Our ladies are able to convey this message (possibly together with you) in a short, but powerful video of 30 to 60 seconds. Of course it is also possible to have the video presentation performed by one of the ladies. Our experienced cameraman will deliver the video within 10 days, including the logos and possibly desired (copyright) music.

Naturally, all wishes are negotiable. As DDD, we only believe in an optimal result if we both invest in time and energy, both in the preliminary phase and during the recording day.

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